Here's Why Obama's Been Whiffing So Badly: He Hasn't Listened To Rahm Emanuel


We’ve wondered several times: Why hasn’t the Obama administration kicked-arse with noted arse-kicker Rahm Emanueal as his chief of staff? Why has The White House been so limp and unable to win any war against Republicans in Congress?

Is Rahm just totally ineffective?

Actually, no, says Noam Scheiber in a new TNR profile. Obama hasn’t listened to Rahm all that much. For example:

  • Rahm favoured Larry Summers over Tim Geithner.
  • Rahm felt that the key to passing healthcare reform was speed and deciveness. Instead Obama let the Congress hash it all out themselves.

Here’s the real areas Obama should have listened to Rahm:

  • Rahm favoured aggressive financial reform right from the beginning, so that there wouldn’t be blowback to the continued bailouts. Obviously that didn’t happen. 

Read the whole story at TNR >

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