Here’s Why My Mother-In-Law (Like Millions Of Others) Is Obsessed With The Latest Internet Phenomenon, Pinterest

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Pinterest is very popular and getting more so by the day.  Users visited the site 11 million times during just one week in December. Its growth trajectory looks a lot like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr’s. 

Why is this happening? Yesterday, we explained Pinterest’s very effective and sticky user sign-up process.

But more important than all that is the fact that Pinterest’s popularity seems to have started with the “normals” rather than early adopters. 

The first time I heard of Pinterest, it was when my wife signed up on the recommendation of her mother last Spring.

That is remarkable!

My mother-in-law is plenty “with it.” She’s kept a blog and a Facebook account for years and reads her books on a Kindle. But she’s not the kind of person that is typically the first person I hear about using the latest new social media site. She’s not a San Francisco or Brooklyn hipster or a Silicon Valley product manager.

Yesterday, I sent her an email asking about how this happened. Here’s the Q&A:

How did you hear about it?

A friend sent me an invitation – said I would love it. 

Why did you decide to join?

At first I didn’t because I just didn’t see the use in it. But one day I was bored and made a little board of things I like about Gainesville, thinking I might link it to my blog. 

Why did you decide to keep using it after joining?

It’s a handy, “prettier,” alternative to bookmarks for some things. For instance, I was bookmarking websites for ideas for future art projects for the house, and this was a way I could access them visually – perfect for that kind of thing.  And I think there’s something about there being so much on the screen at one time. If I am waiting for a phone call or for an appointment, I can just quick click on Pinterest and “see at a glance” what little animal photos Anna has posted or some DIY projects my friend Julie is interested in. Yes, I think that is it, so much info at a glance. Besides being eye candy. 

You told your daughter about it and encouraged her to join it. How come?

I thought she would like it the same way my friend thought I would. She has a visual sense to her and likes to connect. I was also curious about her opinion of it as a former PR person. 

Do you still like it as much as you used to?

I think as it’s grown it’s gotten a little watered down; there’s so much on there and a lot I am not particularly interested in. But I have “friends” that share my interests and it’s fun to check in and see what they like… Like thumbing through a magazine in a way of articles, ideas, and photos your actual friends or Pinterest Friends (who have similar interests) have edited. Exactly that, like thumbing through a magazine used to be. 

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