Here’s Why Microsoft Can Laugh At Apple’s $10 Billion In Enterprise Sales

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Enterprises are set to spend $10 billion on Apple hardware in 2012. This amounts to a kick in the shin for Microsoft: painful, but hardly devastating.

In a report dubbed Global Tech Market Outlook for 2012 and 2013, Forrester Research predicts that by the end of the year, Apple will have nabbed $9 billion in sales of Macs to enterprises worldwide. It will have sold another $10 billion in iPads to them, too.

That’s huge growth, given Apple’s previous near absence from this market, GigaOM points out. Worldwide in 2011, large companies spent about $6 billion on Macs and $6 billion on iPads.

Sales of tablets are coming at the expense of netbooks. So admittedly, the iPad is hurting Windows.

A little.

Let’s point out that Microsoft sold over $10 billion of software to enterprises in its last quarter alone. This includes about $2.4 billion in Windows licenses to enterprises, at an estimated cost of $100 a pop.

What that means is that even though worldwide Mac market share is growing in the enterprise, it’s not much of a threat to Windows … yet.  Worldwide Mac market share inched up on Windows in 2011. It about doubled since the start of 2011 and by November reached the milestone of 5%. As of December it was 6%, according to Net Applications.

But let’s look at the big picture. Since Linux on the desktop is a joke (from a market share perspective), that means that Microsoft still controls 92% of the market.


Windows versus Macs

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Windows 7 has been popular with the enterprise, too. Sales grew at about 5% in its last quarter, with Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein, saying the company is in the “middle innings” of Windows 7 sales to big companies.