Here's Why 'Katie McCain' Is The Star Of The New iPhone 5 Ad

iphone 5Katie McCain, as seen in the new iPhone 5 ad.

Photo: Apple

Apple put out a couple more ads for the iPhone 5 today, and sharp-eyed observers may notice that in one of them the narrative revolves partially around a call to someone named “Katie McCain,” seen on the screen of an iPhone 5 during a demonstration of the device’s call-noise-cancelling feature.It turns out Katie McCain is a real person, but she doesn’t look anything like the brunette shown looking coyly over her shoulder in the ad.

Rather, Katie McCain is a blonde who happens to be an assistant producer at TBWA Media Arts Lab, the ad agency for Apple.

She’s made a bunch of iPhone commercials, according to her blog.

Katie McCainThe real Katie McCain, of TBWA.

Photo: Katie McCain / Twitter

Here’s what’s probably going on.Generally, to feature someone’s name in a commercial endorsement, that person needs to sign a release allowing the endorsement to happen.

As all Apple needs in this case is a random name on a phone, it’s a lot easier if a member of Apple’s own ad account team volunteers her name.

The reason that the photo isn’t McCain’s is probably due to McCain not wanting to become “famous” this way, and because it’s cheap for agencies to use stock art rather than shoot a new model — who must be paid and sign yet another release — from scratch.

She’s also a Business Insider reader — a fact we learned from her Twitter account.

No one was in at TBWA when we called and a message to McCain via LinkedIn was not immediately returned.

Here’s the new “Katie McCain” ad:

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