Here's Why Joe Amendola Might Be The Worst Lawyer To Represent Jerry Sandusky

joe amendola sandusky lawyerJoe Amendola

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Jerry Sandusky’s blockbuster trial is just getting underway but his lawyer has been wreaking havoc for at least half a year now.Joe Amendola has been courting the press and making odd statements in a media blitz that could surprise even the most jaded legal experts.

Here’s a look back at Amendola’s cringe-worthy moments.

  • First up, he let Bob Costas, NBC’s star interviewer, sit down in November for a chat with Sandusky. Anyone who watched the interview can attest to the fact that Sandusky did not look good. In the interview, Sandusky admitted he has “horsed around with kids.” He also told Costas he “didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped.”
  • Also in November, news broke that Amendola got a 17-year-old girl pregnant. Amendola, who was 49 at the time, was representing Mary Iavasile in 1996 in her emancipation hearing when he reportedly got the teenager pregnant. Iavasile’s mother claimed the girl gave birth to Amendola’s baby when she was 18.
  • And then Amendola himself got grilled in December by NBC’s Ann Curry. The interview was so bad Curry actually asked Amendola if he was competent enough to defend Sandusky.
  • That same month, Amendola surprisingly canceled a pre-trial hearing for his client. But his explanation for why he canceled the hearing, in fact his entire interview on the courthouse steps, was way more bizarre that his legal manoeuvre. He claims Sandusky’s accusers came forward only to reap a financial reward. “Maybe he’s being victimized,” Amendola said, in reference to Sandusky.
  • Amendola compared his client’s trial to a soap opera, FOX News reported, telling reporters “Come on, it’s like a soap, you have to wait and see.” He then compared the trial to General Hospital before changing his characterization to All My Children.
  • And now, Amendola might let Sandusky take the stand. Legal experts told the Christian Science Monitor it’s “risky” to let Sandusky take the stand. Most defence attorneys tried to avoid letting clients take the stand because it lets jurors question a defendant’s credibility and the defendant might end up contradicting his or her story.

And these are just a couple stops on the Amendola crazy train.

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