Vladimir Putin Is Coming To Australia For The G20 Summit But He Probably Won't Talk To Tony Abbott

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images

The Kremlin has advised that it is “unlikely” Russian President Vladimir Putin will engage Prime Minister Tony Abbott for bilateral talks if he visits Australia for the G20 Summit in Brisbane next month.

In a statement to The Guardian, presidential spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov said Putin would be waiting for a “more diplomatic and pleasant occasion” to speak with Abbott.

Here’s the statement:

Russia is a part of G20 and the Russian president is free to visit the summit in Australia. His visit isn’t going to be a bilateral visit upon the invitation from the Australian side.

As soon as Mr Putin confirms his visit we’ll make a relevant statement. The Russian government does not intend to respond to Mr Abbott’s colourful language.

Mr Putin is unlikely to seek bilateral talks with Mr Abbott. Mr Putin’s office will be waiting for a more diplomatic and pleasant occasion to get in touch with Mr Abbott’s office.

The comments follow Abbott’s recent claims he would be “shirtfronting” President Putin over the controversial Malaysia Airlines investigation.

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