Here's Why Flying First Class Might Not Be Worth It Anymore

first class

Photo: Flickr via dichohecho

The halcyon days of domestic first class seating may be behind us as the experience becomes more and more similar to coach.Over the years first class has lost its luxury luster, having suffered from a variety of factors including, most importantly, 1970s financial deregulation and free upgrades, reports Jesse McKinley for The New York Times.

Deregulation, which did away with government-controlled fares, meant that airlines were now competing through better prices, not better service.

And upgrades offered through frequent flier deals have, according to some, cheapened the sanctity of a first class experience. Also, with the addition of premium economy to the hierarchy of aeroplane seating, the line of luxury has been blurred even more.

Even so, some airlines still go the full nine yards for their highest-paying customers.

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