Here's why avocado is charged as an extra

Would you like avocado with that? Image: Getty.

‘Ave an avo! Remember that campaign?

Well it is one of the reasons why companies like Guzman y Gomez, Mad Mex and almost every sandwich shop charges extra for the “rich man’s butter”.

Mexican fast food chain Mad Mex charges an extra $1 for a dollop of avo on your burrito, even if you’re like me and choose to forgo a couple of other ingredients which are otherwise “included”.

Avocado advocate and Avolution CEO Antony Allen told Business Insider industry campaigns which have been running for about 15 years have established avocados as a premium product and built consumption incrementally over the years.

He explained companies charge extra because, well, they can.

“They do that because people will pay for something that will lift the meal and people will pay extra to have it,” he said.

“It’s like what air conditioning was to cars – people would pay a bit more. They can charge a bit extra because people can see the value in the product.

“They use that as a driver to make a burrito special or a nachos extra special.”

The other point Allen raised was there is “no substitute for avocados”. For example if you were after baked veggies and couldn’t get a hold of sweet potato, you could use pumpkin instead.

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