Here's Why Andrew Lohse May Be The Only Dartmouth Frat Boy Who Gets Punished For Hazing

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Everyone’s talking about Rolling Stone’s deep dive into Dartmouth hazing culture today. The piece, Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth’s Hazing Abuses’, is really damning and disgusting so the question is: What will come of it?We have a little bit of an answer within the piece. Andrew Lohse, the main subject of the story, is the one who started this conversation in the first place when he wrote an editorial about hazing at his frat Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Now, it seems, he may also be the only one who pays the price for such behaviour, since he’s the only one coming forward (from Rolling Stone):

As a result, Lohse – the only student to come forward voluntarily – may be the only student who is ultimately punished… “I told them the unabridged truth, and they got me to incriminate myself,” he says. “I understand that no one is above the rules, but none of this would have even been possible if I hadn’t spoken out in the first place.

“When I ask Dartmouth’s new dean of the college, Charlotte Johnson, about charging a whistle-blower with the crimes he exposed, she rejects the characterization. “That’s an inappropriate analogy,” she says. “Andrew does not have clean hands. When someone comes forward and admits wrongdoing, it’s not an automatic grant of immunity. We investigate, and the investigation goes where it goes. And the outcome will be what it is.”

Something about that just doesn’t seem right.

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