Here’s Why Airlines’ New ‘Premium Economy’ Seats Might Not Be Worth The Upgrade

business class seat
This business class seat has ample room to recline.

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As a medium between coach and business class, many airlines are now offering premium economy seats, reports Scott McCartney, Middle Seat columnist for the Wall Street Journal.More people are upgrading from coach than downgrading from business class, which is good for the airlines. Qantas Airways told McCartney that the new seats have been very successful.

On Air France, “Premium Voyager” seats cost an average of $1,500 to $1,600 for round-trip tickets between New York and Paris, McCartney reports. The average coach price is about $900. For about a two-thirds price increase, you get 40% more room, a seperate cabin from coach, early boarding, and other perks, McCartney writes.

The people most likely to upgrade are business travellers, whose businesses will buy them a little more luxury, and older people looking for a roomier ride.

But, McCartney points out, you can’t recline deeply like you can in business class. 

And that makes a big difference on a long flght.

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