Private Company Stock Trading Frenzy: Here's Who's Trading What

Question for investors, will this all blow over and is Toyota cheap.

SecondMarket, the online marketplace for buying private company stock, just released their 2010 data.

Naturally, Facebook ranks number 1, making up 39% of all pre-IPO completed transactions.

SecondMarket also revealed who’s making all the trades, which industries are the most popular to trade, and which private companies are traded most.

Facebook makes up 39% of all SecondMarket transactions, LinkedIn follows at 7%

Ex-employees make the majority of trades

When people trade, they trade big -- usually more than 500 shares

Most buyers are venture capitalist funds (40%), not individuals

The consumer products and services industry is the most popular to buy/sell

Most private companies with traded stock are located in California. Etsy is probably responsible for New York's large share in Brooklyn.

Since 2008, SecondMarket's growth looks like a hockey stick

Investors think these are the most exciting private companies to trade

These companies were new to SecondMarket this year

And these companies are the rising stars, with the most increase in popularity since Q3 2010

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