Here's Who Owns The iPad: 40 Year-Old Men [CHARTS]

iPad stand FAIL

The iPad has been a huge hit for Apple since its launch three months ago.

So far, Apple has sold 3 million tablets. It’s still very much a niche product, but it’s an extremely lucrative one.

So who is buying the iPad?

Yahoo has put together a series of charts on the demographics of the iPad, based on visitors to its site.

Who visits Yahoo with an iPad obviously depends on Yahoo’s own demographics as well as those of the iPad, but Yahoo indexes the results to its baseline, offering up a good picture of what the average iPad owner looks like.

The preorderers and line-crazies were two-thirds male, but the ratio is evening out.

Apparently Japanese women are waiting for an Android tablet

The iPad is the opposite of the iPod touch: not for children

35-44 year-olds are the core iPad demographic at home and abroad

In Britain, only hardcore techies are buying the iPad

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