Facebook Names Its 11 Most-Effective Advertisers

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In a celebration of all things viral, Facebook announced the winners of its first-ever Studio Award, which rewards campaigns that “make full use of Facebook marketing products.“With 1,000 submissions from 40 different countries, some stinkers were bound to fail—like Poopbags.com “Be the Butt Campaign,” which asked pet owners to submit a photo that would replace its “iconic rear end” logo with the butt of a contestant’s dog.

Digitas and Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s “Small Business Saturday” campaign for American Express won the Facebook Studio Award’s highest honour, the Blue award. If the campaign’s title didn’t give it away, “Small Business Saturday” effectively mobilized consumers to frequent stores owned by small businesses.

Our favourite was Evolution Bureau’s “Mob the Rainbow” campaign for Skittles, which engaged Facebook fans to participate in real-life, physical events. For “Valentine the Rainbow,” Skittles had fans sends hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards to someone who they didn’t think got a lot of love during the rest of the year: a meter maid. (Watch the video here).

Small Business Saturday served as American Express' campaign to support small businesses.

Rather than tagging people, Flair Fashion Tag allows users to tag people's clothing and accessories and ask where they bought them.

3. Gold Award: Hasan & Partners' campaign for KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art

According to EVB's summary, 'In 2011, Juicy Fruit released a sugar-free gum with an indescribably sweet flavour called Juicy Secret. To launch the mystery-flavored gum, Serenading Unicorn returned to sweeten days with three new, full-length music videos.' In their first week, the videos had as many as 120,000 views and increased Wrigley's fan-base by almost 40,000 fans in the campaign's first month.

This Facebook campaign aimed to get Zurich's youth to spread their ideas about what would make Zurich a better city and eventually vote. According to Walker Webeagentur, 'Zurich will now get a free citywide WiFi network, cheaper public transportation and a FreeBayDay... The party received an unexpected 30% of votes, making it the most successful party. On top of that, all 4 of our candidates were elected.'

My Blood group links groups of people based on their blood type, and if there is a shortage of a certain blood type then Dovera could simply write on the appropriate group's Facebook page to ask for donations. Using the campaign, Dovera reached more than 10,000 potential blood donors in only seven days. Since then, the Red Cross has partnered with the campaign.

Noise explains Progress Thru Processors as 'an application living on Facebook that allows people to easily and safely donate idle processing power to researchers who are working on cures and hoping to better understand AIDS, cancer, malaria and climate change.'

Commonwealth Bank nominated 12 worthy charities and pledged to donate $1 for every vote someone cast on Facebook. Commonwealth Bank saw an 82 per cent increase of likes and ended up donating $175,000.

The campaign connected what happened at Nike Run Brazil, the largest relay race in the Americas, to the outside world.

Mob the Rainbow was a Facebook campaign meant to engage fans to take part in real-life, physical events. 'Valentine the Rainbow' had fans send Valentine's Day cards to someone that they didn't think got a lot of love during the rest of the year (their example: a meter maid). In 'Poll the Rainbow,' fans voted to create a real life Skittles Gifting Tree (putting Skittles packs on a tree). 'Crash the Rainbow' had fans crash an 85-year old's birthday with hundreds of comments, photos, and videos.

11. Bronze Award: R/GA's campaign for the Nike+ GPS App (3,663 Likes)

According to R/GA's submission, 'To facilitate community motivation, we built in a social layer that enables runners to connect with other runners, regardless of location--even a different country or a different continent altogether. The feature not only helps runners stay motivated and stick to goals, but also helps them challenge themselves and challenge their partners to run faster, further, or longer. When runners begin a run, they can let their friends on Facebook know via a post. Friends who see the post can like it or comment. When they do, runners receive an audible cheer through their headphones.'

You saw the good... now how about the bad?

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