Disney just dropped a mug collection dedicated to Disney-villain memes

Disney’s new mugs features a meme design on each side. shopDisney
  • Disney has just released a line of mugs dedicated to Disney villain memes.
  • All four designs feature two-sided meme designs and contrasting interior colours.
  • The mugs retail for $US14.99 and are available on shopDisney.com.
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Disney’s latest mug collection is the perfect blend of humour and evil.

The collection – which includes Disney villains like Maleficent, Ursula, the Evil Queen, and Jafar – features memes that will leave fans laughing while they enjoy their coffee.

Each of the mugs hold just over 14 ounces, have a two-part design, and retail for $US14.99.

Here are the four available designs on shopDisney.com:

The Maleficent mug is relatable for anyone who hates long meetings.

The inside of the mug is purple. shopDisney

Anyone who’s ever been forced to sit through a meeting that could’ve been an email will find themselves siding with the “Sleeping Beauty” villain, Maleficent, featured on this mug.

With a purple interior, this mug features Maleficent in both her human and dragon forms.

Coffee lovers may want the Ursula mug in their life.

The mug’s interior is a teal colour. shopDisney

Nothing says, “I love my morning coffee!” like this accurate depiction of what some people feel like before and after their daily caffeine kick.

Featuring Ursula at both her worst and her best, this dual-sided “The Little Mermaid” villain mug will get your day started right.

This Evil Queen mug makes office etiquette clear.

The inside of the mug is bright green. shopDisney

Scare away potential office-lunch thieves with this Evil Queen mug, which features the “Snow White” villain as herself on one side and the witch who poisons Snow White on the other.

The mug’s interior is a vibrant green and the witch side reads, “Hope you like apples” as a stern warning for those who dare to take others’ food out of the office fridge.

The Jafar mug is perfect for those who can’t stand group texts.

The Jafar mug has a red interior. shopDisney

Make your stance on group texting completely clear with this Jafar mug.

It features a red interior and an image of Jafar, Iago, and the Sultan on one side. The other side features Jafar as the serpent announcing that he’s ready to unsubscribe.

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