Here's Where These 9 Australian CEOs Go To Escape The Winter Chill

Australians love to travel.

The number of Aussie residents travelling abroad for holidays and business trips has been growing rapidly in recent years.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports 9.0 million short-term resident departures in the year ending June 2014, up from 3.9 million ten years ago.

Significantly contributing to this increase would be the movements of leading executives within Australia’s corporate scene.

Combine the strain of a high pressure role, the task of leading a company and the focus needed to succeed at an executive level, and it is easy to see why these corporate executives might need some well-deserved R&R.

Business Insider wanted to know where and why these executives get away, particularly when the weather is as cold and glum as it has been in Sydney this week.

While many travel purely for relaxation, most mix business with pleasure, while others can’t help but completely disconnect.

Here are the destinations of 9 successful Australian CEOs.

Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

Lauren Williams, CEO of Carsguide

My husband and I always plan an escape winter holiday, usually it involves the beach, surfing and diving. We have done a few week-long sojourns in Bali, but we don’t stay on the island. We head to Nusa Lembongan, it is a smaller island which is 30 minutes away by boat from Bali – there is great surfing, no roads or cars.

There is an incredible restaurant there, Indiana Kenanga, run by a French chef who left his job in a Michelin star restraint in France to open up this little place on the beach. We hire a scooter and travel to some of the smaller beaches on the other side of the island. Diving at Nusa Lembongan is incredible you can see mantas playing in the surge and the Mola Mola (giant sunfish). This year also we travelled to Lombok and the Gili islands to do some diving. Gilis had great diving – lots of turtles and massive schools of bumphead parrot fish and 30 degree water – perfect!

Seminyak, Bali

Karen Lawson, CEO of CareerOne

I am definitely not a 'tents person' or glamping for that matter, so my ideal escapes are always somewhere warm and luxurious. I often get comments in Sydney when I say it's cold, that because I am English I should be used it. The fact is, I moved thousands of miles away from the people I love because I can't stand the cold! I am a huge foodie so my priorities are in that order - wonderful food and wine, 1000 count bedlinen and accommodation where I can't tell if my neighbour is watching TV. One of my favourite escapes is Seminyak, Bali or Thailand. The service, dining scene and range of beautiful villas are breath taking. Having said that, next week I am off to London then Croatia to experience Dubrovnik and Island life!

Sri Panwa Pool Villa Phuket Luxury Hotel Private Pool Villa Spa Resort, Thailand

Nick Bell, CEO of Web Marketing Experts

For down time, I visit a place in Thailand called Sri Panwa. It's very secluded and allows me to reenergise. I go for 7 days after which I am back to my best.

I usually go with a lady friend and all we do is eat, exercise and laugh. Good times!

The Napa Valley, California

Alec Lynch, Co-founder and CEO of

We're in the process of setting up a new office in San Francisco, so I travel there for work regularly. Having a weekend off somewhere like the Napa Valley is a great way to combine work travel with a bit of pleasure.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Dr Marcus Tan, CEO of HealthEngine

As an avid skier I actually don't mind the winter chill so long as there is snow involved. However, for a warmer family escape we tend to visit Singapore and Malaysia usually for a week or so to catch up with friends and relatives, to engage in some shopping and most importantly to indulge in the delicious local cuisine.

Paradise Cove Resort, Vanuata

Jeremy Crooks, Managing Director of Criteo, Australia & New Zealand

When I can get away this time of year, my choice is a week at Paradise Cove Resort in Vanuata with the family. We do everything from scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming, to dining on amazing seafood and just hanging out together. Most importantly, we all get to relax and I get to switch off for a few days and stop checking emails!

Silicon Valley, San Francisco

Dean Ramler, CEO of Milan Direct

I usually take my one break for the year during winter to get over to the US to visit my partners family and enjoy the summer. Getting away for a short break is a great way to recharge the batteries. I often take a 1 to 2 week break at this time of year, and come back fresh for the second half of the year.

This month I took a trip to Silicon Valley to meet a good mate who works at Paypal. Together we did a Silicon Valley 'safari' and drove around the entire valley spotting the world's best companies and startups. The tour took in Google, Facebook, Dell, Apple, PayPal, LinkedIn & more! A great getaway!

The Sukhothai Bangkok, Thailand

David Henderson, CEO of ROCG Asia Pacific

It’s a perfect balance, you have the hustle and bustle of never-stop Bangkok when you step outside which contrasts with the haven of tranquillity within.
I usually book in for 7 days and spend most of the time pampering and getting massages, which are a luxury for me and something I don’t do at home.

You drop your shoulders as soon as you arrive, they seem to know what you might want before you’ve even thought of it and are constantly bringing you tasty morsels or cool drinks – it’s like they can read your mind. In contrast to my day to day life as an accountant when I am always thinking and anticipating on behalf of my clients it is doubly enjoyable to have that feeling returned.

Being out of the country puts you in another environment and the temptation to pop into the office it taken out of the equation. Today technology is integral so I am contactable, and often take work with me, more so, many of our clients are in Asia and internationally focussed so we are all used to working, living and holidaying in different time zones.

Melanie Gleeson, Co-founder of endota spa

This winter, we held our annual endota conference in Uluru, so it was the perfect excuse to whisk my family away with me for a quick get-away! The trip was about getting away from the stresses of everyday life and getting back to our roots.
endota is an indigenous word meaning beautiful, and that’s the way we feel about Uluru. It’s at the heart of our beautiful country and visiting the region is something everyone should do if they have the chance – it’s a spiritually meaningful journey.

We managed to sneak away for a week - the perfect little getaway. It’s hard not to relax when you’re somewhere so stunning! We did lots of walks and exploring, ate delicious indigenous food and spent some quality time together as a family.

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