Here's Where The Sharks Are Being Caught In Nets Off Sydney Beaches

Getty/Dan Kitwood

More sharks are being caught off beaches to the south of Sydney compared with the north.

And the Sydney Morning Herald says six great white sharks have been entangled in beach nets over the last 12 months compared with three the previous year.

The total number of sharks caught in the 51 nets at beaches from Stockton in the Hunter to South Wollongong was 46.

The state Department of Primary Industries says the data shows no significant trends or shark hot spots.

Eighteen targeted sharks, including one great white, two tiger sharks, seven dusky whalers and four common blacktip sharks, were found in the south during the meshing season between September 1 last year and April 30 this year.

The area includes beaches from Bondi to south of Cronulla.

Only five sharks were caught in the north zone, from Palm Beach to Warriewood, which included two shortfin makos, one bull shark and one each of three other target species.

Only three sharks were netted in Sydney’s central region from North Narabeen to Manly.

Western Australia is installing shark nets at selected beaches after abandoning its three-month trial of drum lines in which set lines are deployed to catch sharks.

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