Here's where the most popular animated movies are set

Ever wonder where your favourite animated movies are actually set?

Designer Martin Vargic of Halcyon Maps created this infographic to show exactly where the 124 most popular animated films of all time took place.

“All locations were either explicitly stated/shown in the movies, derived from the evidence within the movie, or derived from the original work the movie was based in,” Vargic wrote on Halcyon Maps.

Vargic also noted that movies that took place in a radically different universe — such as “Treasure Planet” and “Wreck-it-ralph” — were not included on the map.

Check it out below.

Let’s zoom-in on the key so it’s a bit easier to read:

Many of the movies were set in North America.

There are a few films that have obvious settings — “Bee Movie,” “Lilo and Stitch,” and “The Princess and the Frog” — but other such as “Bambi” are a bit less clear.

“Placing some of the movies on the map was very difficult and required a lot of research (including looking through fan theories or studying where are various animal species geographically distributed),” Vargic wrote.

The majority of the films were set in North America and Europe, but there are a few other clusters around the map. All of the Studio Ghibli animated films — Ponyo, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and The Wind Rises — were set in Japan.

The list of 124 movies was chosen based on the best grossing animated movies of all time, but it is also significantly based upon thetop 100 animated movies list from Rotten Tomatoes, according toVargic

Here is the full list.

1.101 Dalmatians — English countryside
2.A Bug’s Life — Texas/Mexico border
3.A Goofy Movie — New York
4.Akira — Tokyo
5.Aladdin — At the Jordan River
6.Alice in Wonderland — English countryside
7.Anastasia — St.Petersburg
8.Antz — New York
9.Arthur Christmas — North Pole
10.Atlantis: The Lost Empire — Atlantic Ocean
11.Bambi — Western US/Canada border
12.Beauty and the Beast — middle France
13.Bee Movie — New York
14.Beowulf — south Sweden (Götaland)
15.Big Hero 6 — San Francisco
16.Bolt — Los Angeles and New York
17.Brave — Scotland
18.Brother Bear — Alaska
19.Cars — Arizona/Nevada
20.Cars 2 — London(and numerous other locations)
21.Cinderella — south France
22.Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs — Bermuda
23.Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs — Bermuda
24.Coraline — Ashland, Oregon
25.Corpse Bride — rural France(possibly England)
26.Despicable Me — Albukerque, New Mexico (and numerous other locations)
27.DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp — north California coast (and numerous other locations)
28.Dumbo — Florida
29.El Dorado — south Mexico
30.The Emperor’s New Groove -Peru
31.Epic — Connecticut
32.Ernest and Celestine — Belgium
33.Finding Nemo — Sydney, Australia
34.Fantastic Mr.Fox — north England
35.Flushed Away — London, UK
36.From Up on the Poppy Hill — Tokyo
37.Frozen — south Norway
38.Happy Feet — near Adelie Land, Antarctica
39.Happy Feet 2 — near Adelie Land, Antarctica
40.Hercules — Greece
41.Home on the Range — Nevada
42.Hotel Transylvania — Romania(Transylvania)
43.How to Train Your Dragon — Hebrides
44.The Hunchback of Notre Dame — Paris
45.Chicken Little — US midwest
46.Chicken Run — northwest England
47.Ice Age — Alaska
48.James and the Giant Peach — chiefly New York
49.Kung Fu Panda — rural south China
50.Kung Fu Panda 2 — south China coast
51.Lady and the Tramp — New England
52.Lilo and Stitch — Kauai, Hawaii
53.Lion King — East African Rift
54.The Little Mermaid — Danish Virgin Islands
55.Madagascar — New York and Madagascar
56.Madagascar 2 — Near the Nyiragongo volcano
57.Madagascar 3 — Monaco (and other locations)
58.Mary and Max — Melbourne
59.Megamind — Michigan
60.Meet the Robinsons — south Canada
61.Millenium Actress — south Japan
62.Monsters vs Aliens — San Francisco
63.Mulan — Beijing, north China
64.My Neighbour Totoro — Tokyo
65.Over the Hedge — east Oregon
66.The Owls of Ga’hoole — south Australia / Tasmania
67.ParaNorman — Massachusetts
68.Persepolis — Tehran, Iran
69.Pinocchio — Collodi, Italy
70.Peter Pan — US Midwest
71.Planes — Ohio
72.Pocahontas — Virginia
73.Polar Express — North Pole
74.Ponyo — Japan
75.Princess and the Frog
76.Prince of Egypt — Sinai peninsula, Egypt
77.Princess Mononoke — north Japan
78.Puss in Boots — Andalusia, Spain
79.Rango — Nevada
80.Ratatouille — Paris, France
81.Rio — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
82.Rio 2 — Amazon rainforest, Brazil
83.Rise of the Guardians — North Pole
84.Robin Hood — Sherwood Forest, England
85.Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss
86.Shark Bait — near Dominican Republic
87.Shark Tale — the Bahamas
88.Shrek — Germany
89.Sleeping Beauty — middle France
90.Snow White — Germany
91.Song of the Sea — Ireland
92.South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut — Colorado
93.Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron — Dakota region
94.Spirited Away — Japan
95.Surf’s Up — French Polynesia
96.Tangled — Bodensee, Germany
97.Tarzan — Gabon
98.Teacher’s Pet — Florida
99.The Adventures of Tintin — Morocco (and other locations)
100.The Incredibles — Chicago
101.The Iron Giant — Maine
102.The Jungle Book — middle India
103.The Great Mouse Detective — London
104.The Illusionist — north Scotland
105.The Rescuers — US south coast
106.The Rescuers Down Under — Australian outback
107.The Secret World of Arrietty — Japan
108.The Simpsons Movie — Oregon and Alaska
109.The Smurfs — New York
110.The Smurfs 2 — Paris
111.The Wild — New York and Mozambique coast
112.The Wind Rises — Tokyo, Japan
113.Tokyo Godfathers — Tokyo, Japan
114.Toy Story — Ohio
115.Triplets of Belleville — France and New York (in an alternate universe)
116.Turbo — Los Angeles
117.Up — Angel Falls, Venezuela
118.Yogi Bear — Yellowstone Park, Wyoming
119.Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit — English countryside
120.Waltz with Bashir — Lebanon
121.Who Framed Roger Rabbit — Los Angeles
122.Winnie the Pooh — south England

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