Here’s where robots will take over jobs in Australia

Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

The robots are coming and 1 in 6 jobs Australia wide will be gone by 2030. Those jobs will largely be lost at the bottom end of the skills curve, according to the latest Australian Job Market report from online employment search engine Adzuna.

“Higher paying, highly skilled jobs that require thinking, planning, creativity, and emotional intelligence are harder to automate and are therefore less likely to be replaced by computers. However, the low paid, low skilled and often-labour intensive jobs comprising of routine tasks are at high risk,” Adzuna said in the report.

Looking around the country, Adelaide and South Australian workers are most exposed with 19% of jobs at risk. Melbourne comes in second with 17% of the major cities while NSW is the second most vulnerable state with 16% of jobs on the line.

Which jobs are most at risk?

In a blog post discussing the findings Adzuna said it’s “jobs that involve routine tasks (butchers, bank tellers, plant operators, admin workers etc) and little creative thinking or emotional intelligence are at high risk.”

These jobs “typically attract a lower salary, so essentially robots will take over the jobs at the bottom end, leaving only mid to high skill level jobs that are paying upwards of $80,000,” the company said.

That’s a worry for unskilled workers and it’s potentially a concern for the fabric of our society according to Adzuna CEO Raife Watson.

“The Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries resulted in terrible employment and living conditions for those in the lower socioeconomic classes but improved the standard of living and increased employment opportunities for others. This is looking like a very similar situation,” he said.

Source: Adzuna March Jobs Report

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