Here's Where Driverless Cars Will Be Allowed In The UK

The UK government on Wednesday announced which regions will be opened up for testing driverless cars.

TechCrunch reports that we’ll soon see driverless vehicles appearing in four locations in England:

  • Milton Keynes
  • Greenwich
  • Bristol
  • Coventry.

The government is spending £10 million on helping the UK’s fledgling driverless car industry, and a key part of that is testing them on actual roads.

We won’t see driverless cars zipping around all four locations, though. They have been split up for different uses.

Greenwich is going to play host to shuttle vehicles, Bristol has been designated a testing ground for the Venturer consortium (which includes a group of technical universities from across the UK), and Milton Keynes and Conventry will be home to the Autodrive programme.

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