Here's Where Apple Bend Tests The iPhone 6

Apple Test Center GIFCNBCWhere the (testing) magic happens.

In response to the iPhone 6 Plus’ bending problems —  now known as BendGate —  Apple invited CNBC and other outlets to visit its iPhone testing center in Cupertino, California.

CNBC’s video doesn’t show much —  it’s clear its crew was only allowed to shoot the facility from certain (i.e. two) angles.

Essentially, viewers see a machine that applies pressure to the iPhone repeatedly. 

Apple told CNBC the iPhone 6 was tested over 15,000 times before being made available to consumers.

Apple’s SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller said Apple had receieved just nine complaints from the roughly 10 million iPhone 6 owners in the US.

The testing facility isn’t anything special. In fact, it resembles this description of Samsung’s smartphone testing facility:

Here’s an up-close shot of that testing facility (no mechanical butts, though):

Check out the full video from CNBC:

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