Here's Where All That Talent Leaving Apple Ends Up

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Why wouldn’t you want to work at Apple?Your products are used by millions of people every day and you’re basically responsible for a technology revolution.

And yet, Apple has still lost thousands of employees, according to data from LinkedIn.

We did a search on LinkedIn for Apple, using “past company” as a filter. From there we tracked down where all the former Apple employees are landing.

Where the Apple alumni end up might surprise you.

Zynga's crazy office and mad growth has attracted a tiny batch of former Applers

Former Apple employees: 17

Zynga is a social gaming juggernaut that's been on a hot streak on the public markets after it was discovered that it's responsible for 12 per cent of Facebook's revenue.

It's also another big data company and uses some intense analytics to make sure people pay for its games.

Facebook attracts a lot of former Apple employees — but it's nowhere near the top draw.

Former Apple employees: 73

Facebook is the hottest company in technology right now, after finally filing for an initial public offering.

Facebook's IPO will create a thousand millionaires. You can bet a big chunk of them will be former Apple employees.

Many of them head to VMWare, an enterprise technology company.

Former Apple employees: 118

VMWare specialises in server virtualization -- basically being able to run a desktop on a server and interact with it at a remote computer.

After that, Apple employees head to IBM.

Former Apple employees: 130

IBM is another big-time hardware company, and it also specialises in enterprise technology like servers and desktops.

Adobe also attracts a ton of former Apple employees.

Former Apple employees: 154

You're probably noticing a trend here -- Apple alumni aren't necessarily going to what are considered the 'hottest' companies in technology right now.

Adobe specialises in developing multimedia and creativity software. It's best known for developing Flash, a technology that powers a lot of video playback on the Internet.

Dell attracts a ton of former Apple employees.

Former Apple employees: 157

Dell is big-time enterprise technology company, like IBM, that specialises in selling servers and desktops.

It also does sell a lot of consumer hardware, like laptops.

Larry Ellison knows how to bring former Apple employees to Oracle.

Former Apple employees: 163

Oracle is another huge enterprise technology company, much like IBM and Dell.

This one, like Apple, has a big-time personality as a CEO in the form of Larry Ellison.

So many enterprise companies! Hewlett-Packard is the next top draw.

Former Apple employees: 216

HP is in an interesting position right now because it's in the middle of a turnaround under new CEO Meg Whitman.

It's another big provider of servers and enterprise technology, but also a lot of consumer hardware like laptops and desktops.

Microsoft attracts a bunch of former Apple employees, too.

Former Apple employees: 300

Microsoft has its own search engine, Bing, and it's also making a huge bet on Windows Phone 7 as a competitor to the likes of the iPhone and Android devices.

Google brings in a lot of talent from Apple — duh.

Former Apple employees: 315

Apple is probably Google's largest competitor right now. Google and Apple are fighting for smartphone dominance.

Larry Page has a lot of incentive to bring in former Apple employees.

Cisco Systems is the top draw... wait, what?

Former Apple employees: 329

Cisco's a big-time hardware company, much like Apple.

You know -- it's the company behind those wireless routers you probably already use.

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