Here's Where 12 Australian CEOs Are Celebrating The Melbourne Cup - And Which Horses They're Backing

It’s the race that stops the nation, but does it stop some of Australia’s busiest CEOs?

Business Insider asked some successful business leaders where they will be celebrating Cup day and more importantly, which horse they’ll put their dollars on.

Some are taking the office out for lunch, others are throwing an in-house party. Some won’t be stopping for the iconic 3-minute horse race.

So, if you’re like me and still don’t have your bets in place – and need a little helping hand – here are the horses Australian CEOs are betting on.

Greg Taylor, co-founder & Chairman has his bet on Protectionist.

Melbourne Cup is a great day every year and an amazing shot in the arm for the hospitality sector. The Clipp team is going to Hart's pub in The Rocks - not only do they serve some of the best craft beers around, but they're also a Clipp venue.

I have a soft spot for Protectionist, I certainly think an international horse is going to win the Cup.

Chris Koch, CEO of Pop! has his bets on Tuesday and Au Revoir.

I'll be down the coast in Blairgowrie because my crazy family will all be down there and I love their craziness. My good friend Tim Demetriou will be fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a runner in the Cup on Tuesday with Au Revoir, so my money is on both of these stallions.

Dean Ramler, CEO and cofounder of Milan Direct has his bet on Thunderbird One

This year I will be watching the Melbourne Cup from the Milan Direct Head Office in Albert Park. Since we operate Australia-wide, plus have a UK and Europe business, we never close. But we will have the race on in the background as we do every year. My hot tip for this year is Thunderbird One, because who doesn't love an underdog!

Karen Lawson, CEO of CareerOne will decide on a horse once she sees their colours.

The whole company will be heading to 'The Wanderer' a cool small bar in Surry Hills. So we will be cheering on together. Other than support a horse which Gai Waterhouse has trained (no luck this year then...) my choice is down to a scientific toss up between the horse name and outfit!

Andre Eikmeier, co-CEO and co-founder, has his bet on Red Cadeaux.

I got a 'hot tip' from a Gold Coast limo driver last week, from a contact he has in racing game, who has given him two out of two winners the last two years, and that's Lucia Valentina. But I'll probably put more on a place for a lefty, like Red Cadeaux. I will be celebrating somewhere extremely lame, like in the office, ALONE, as my wife has a gig and I've got to pick the kids up from school.

David Brim, CEO and cofounder, TomCar

Melbourne Cup - a unique and spectacular event that really does stop a nation. Everyone downs tools for a 3 minute horse race - only in Australia. Our team however will be working through the Melbourne Cup long weekend - but we'll have the race on in the background on Cup Day. We’re running an internal sweepstakes.

Gen George, CEO and founder of OneShift is leaving it up to a last minute decision.

The OneShift office will be having team lunch watching the race. We'll all be dressed up as if we were actually at the races. As for the horse, I will decide last minute. Leave it up to chance as I always say!

Matt Dyer, ‎founder and director has his bet on Lucia Valentina.

I'm going to a friends place for a BBQ this Melbourne Cup day. I always place a bet even though I know nothing about horse racing. I know a guy who knows a guy and he always has a good tip. Last year I picked the winner based on his recommendation who I think was the favourite and this year my contact is backing Lucia Valentina. I will definitely follow suite and hopefully continue my winning streak.

James Battersby, managing director of Oticon Australia is still tossing up between Precedence or Brambles.

For the Melbourne Cup this year I will be over in Denmark learning about future developments in Oticon hearing devices, which will be incorporated in new products that we will launch into the Australian market over the next couple of years. Even though I won’t be on Australian soil for the Melbourne Cup there is a strong Australian contingent who will be travelling to Denmark who will be keeping a close eye on the race. It will be just after 5am in Denmark when the race is on. We will no doubt do our own sweep and I am banking on a Kiwi horse, such as Precedence or Brambles to come in for a win.

Daniel Flynn, co-founder and managing director of Thankyou Group has his bet on Admire Rakti.

Most years, Melbourne Cup Day is pretty low key for me; I usually spend the day relaxing and hanging out with family and friends. I've actually never been to the race before (as a Melburnian, I'm not sure if I should even admit that) but this year I'll be attending the big event for the first time. It will be exciting to be there amongst the atmosphere and watch it all unfold.

I'm not much of a betting man myself, but I've heard some talk about the favourite being Admire Rakti, so I'll probably be cheering him on.

Nick McDonald, founder and CEO of Prestige Inhome Care has his bet on Thunderbird One.

Nick will be at a house party with friends and family.

Our son, Jack, turned one in August and we had a big party planned but he fell ill and we had to cancel. We thought ‘why not combine the Melbourne Cup and belated birthday party’. Heaps of people are coming so it should be a great day. We’ve got bouncy castles for the kids and cold beers for the adults!

His bets are on 7 - Royal Diamond.

Purely because I always bet on my lucky number unless it’s the favourite, as I don’t see the point ending up with almost the same amount of money. I would rather risk losing it on something with decent odds for the potential glory of a big return. I don’t win much, so not sure this is the greatest strategy. Also, I love an underdog, so I’m placing a bet on Thunderbird One at 301:1.

Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey would have her bet on Lucia Valentina - if she was a betting woman.

I believe we are turning the Shoes of Prey office into a Melbourne Cup fan fare (though I'm not on the organising committee so it's unconfirmed!).

The horse? I'm more of a sweeps girl, but if I had to choose, it's be Lucia Valentina - Lucia is my mum's name!

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