Here's When Australian Workers Will Be Calling In Sick During The World Cup (And How They Might Do It)

Tim Cahill of the Socceroos walks a lap of honour with team mates after winning the FIFA 2014 World Cup Asian Qualifier match between the Australian Socceroos and Iraq at ANZ Stadium on June 18, 2013 in Sydney, Australia (Photo: Getty Images)

Australia’s World Cup games are, for the most part, scheduled at terribly inconvenient hours for fans who can’t make the trip to Brazil.

If you want to watch the three Group B qualifying matches Australia is in then you will be up early, and there are bound to be a few red eyes around the office.

Or, if you’re smart, you’ll take a sick day.

Australia’s first match is against Chile on 14 June, which is a Saturday, It kicks off at 8am AEST — making it the most conveniently-timed match, and it isn’t problem if you work Monday to Friday.

But our other two matches are both at 2am, against the Netherlands on 19 June, and Spain on 24 June (local time).

Australia versus the Netherlands is 2am on a Thursday, and Australia and Spain play at 2am on a Tuesday, so you’ll either take that day off work, or turn up incredibly tired, hungover, or even a little under the influence.

Best news is that neither early game is on a Monday or Friday, when many corporate workplaces would require employees to get a sick note from a doctor for a single day of leave, as long as you haven’t exhausted your allocation already.

If you do need a note, then a devious soccer fan might get it during their lunch break on either the 19th or 24th, and they’d be covered for the next day. Or they could just suck it up and head to work, which is probably the better option.

There will also be a lot of people who want to watch some of the headline matches, and the games played by countries who have a lot of expats in Australia.

Brazil’s first game is against Croatia this Friday, at 6am AEST, which is pretty easy to watch and then still get to work, and it is a similar story for the home team’s other games, which are at 5am against Mexico on Wednesday 18 June, and against Cameroon at 6am on Tuesday 24 June.

England’s first game is easy to catch, scheduled for 8am on Sunday 15 June against Italy. Then they play Uruguay on Friday 20 June at 5am (a prime sick day target), and Costa Rica on Wednesday 25 June at 2am.

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