Here’s What’s On Sarah Palin’s New Online TV Network

Sarah palin

Conservative commentator and one-time U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced the launch of the Sarah Palin Channel, her brand new web-based TV network, in a post on her Facebook page Sunday night.

Palin’s newest foray into the conservative media seems to be the culmination of her journey from politics to reality TV. For $US9.95 a month, subscribers are granted full access to a combination of Palin’s political commentary, glimpses into her family’s life in Alaska – think moose meat for dinner – and the occasional guest appearance from a famous conservative. Well, there aren’t any guests yet, but Palin says they’re coming.

The site’s promotional video has Palin outlining the network’s mission to engage with viewers to “address the problems of the day…on [her] terms.” Palin says she sees the channel as a unique opportunity to “cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”

After exploring the site, we found that is essentially a video blog with clips ranging in length from three minutes to 45 minutes. Some of the videos feature Palin responding to reader questions and comments. As of this writing, about a day into the launch, approximately 30 clips are live and ready to watch.

Some videos are labelled as “samples” and can be watched free of charge for the undetermined future. Business Insider indulged in these preview clips and discovered what lies within Palin’s new media venture.

The top of the site features an appropriately Palinesque trifecta: a ticking countdown to the end of Obama’s presidency, a running tally of the nation’s debt, and a Biblical verse of the day. This section of the site is entitled “State of Our Nation”.

The first video we watched, entitled “We Can’t Be Afraid of the I Word”, describes the influx of undocumented immigrants coming from Mexico is the “last straw” after “the years of abuse from” President Barack Obama.”

“It makes kind of the battered wife, say, ‘No mas. That’s enough,'” Palin declares in the clip.

In her trademark Alaskan drawl, Palin goes on to claim Obama’s stance on immigration has led Americans to feel “like strangers in their own land” and is one of “at least 25 impeachable offenses” the president should be held accountable for.

“The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored,” Palin says in the clip.

Clips of Palin speeches are also featured. One we were able to watch, entitled, “The Forgotten Man,” included Palin speaking to followers in Colorado.

“Obama was here last week, right? Getting his Rocky Mountain high on? He had time to shoot some pool, wet his whistle, and smile real big for those photo ops he really, really hates!” she said.

Other videos are more lighthearted, such as those chronicling Palin’s charitable efforts and elements of Alaskan culture.

In a family-oriented clip, Palin takes viewers into her freezer to explain the versatility of Alaskan moose meat and introduces viewers to the “protein gold,” halibut, which she said she likes “beer battered” and “deep fat fried.”

The site also offers Palin cross-promotional opportunities for other business ventures started by her and her family. It features links to her daughter Bristol Palin’s blog as well as previews for the upcoming season of her Sportsman Channel TV show, Amazing America. Perhaps un-seasonally, there is also a video advertising Palin’s Christmas book, which gives steps to combatting the “war on Christmas” and, of course, includes Palin’s famous moose chilli recipe.