Here's what's new on Netflix Australia in December

Fuller House. Photo: Netflix

Every month Netflix Australia adds a heap of new content. Here’s what’s coming up in December.

It’s a bumper month. 13 new movies will be added to the database, including cute family favourite Matilda; quirky love story 500 Days Of Summer starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; and British-American war flick Black Hawk Down directed by Ridley Scott.

Fuller House is an original series to Netflix and season 2 airs this month. It’s a sequel spin-off series to the 1987–95 television series Full House which starred the Olsen Twins. Candace Cameron Bure stars as DJ Tanner, who shares a home with her sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy who help raise her three boys.

You can check out the trailer below.

Seattle based entertainer Reggie Watts who performs his own eclectic mix of music, theater, dance, and comedy debuts in his original comedy Spatial, while original film Barry is about Barack Obama in his formative years before entering the White House and becoming the most powerful man in the world.

Perth-born 24-year old NIDA graduate Devon Terrell stars as a young Obama attending Columbia University, long before his run for the presidency.

You can check out the trailer below.

Here’s a full list of the best new shows and films out in December:

    Original Series
    Faunda: Season 1 (2 December)
    Fuller House: Season 2 (9 December)
    White Rabbit Project: Season 1 (9 December)
    Club De Cuervos: Season 2 (9 December)
    Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Season 1 (11 December)
    Nobel: Season 1 (13 December)
    Crazyhead: Season 1 (16 December)
    No Second Chance: Season 1 (16 December)
    Van Helsing: Season 1 (17 December)
    Ten Percent: Season 1 (20 December)
    Travelers: Season 1 (23 December)
    Chasing Cameron: Season 1 (27 December)
    Ajin: Season 2 (27 December)

    Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World (1 December)
    White Girl (1 December)
    How To Be Single (1 December)
    Wildflower (1 December)
    Blue Jay (7 December)
    Other People (8 December)
    500 Days Of Summer (15 December)
    The Finest Hours (20 December)
    Matilda (21 December)
    Black Hawk Down (28 December)
    The Recruit (28 December)
    The Homesman (31 December)
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 1 (31 December)

    Original Film
    Spectral (9 December)
    Barry (10 December)

    Reggie Watts: Spatial (6 December)
    Ricardo O’Farrell (12 December)
    Gabriel Igelsias: Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry (20 December)

    Hip Hop Evolution: Season 1 (2 December)
    The Cuba Libre Story: Season 1 (8 December)
    Captive: Season 1 (9 December)

    Lost & Found Music Studios: Season 2 (3 December)
    Cirque Du Soleil Junior Luna Petunia: Season 1 (9 December)
    The Adventures of Puss In Boots: Season 4 (16 December)
    Troll Hunters: Season 1 (23 December)

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