Here's what your average Australian billionaire looks like

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re passing a billionaire on the street, here’s what to look for:

Picture: Mirador Wealth

For no other reason other than it would be interesting, staff at Mirador Wealth made that composite out of the top 50 billionaires from several different industries around the world.

They used over 100 each for the male and female composites, morphed each into one single person.

It was a little more difficult to get an average Australian billionaire, as there’s only around 30 at the moment. But Mirador pushed on and here’s how they look according to each Australian industry:

Picture: Mirador Wealth

Regular folk, really.

And in case you were wondering, we’ve already asked Google to search for similar images of the world’s “average billionaire” and here’s what we got:

Picture: Google Images

Being a billionaire doesn’t necessarily make you one of the beautiful people.

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