Here’s what you need to know about Telstra Plus, the telco’s new Frequent Flyer-inspired rewards program

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  • Telstra customers now earn points like Frequent Flyer schemes
  • Points are earned in 10 points per dollar spent
  • You can use it to buy gadgets or phone purchase
  • There will be 3 tiers based on how much you spend, like Frequent Flyer

Telstra has launched its new rewards program, Telstra plus. First announced in April, Telstra Plus and will allow Telstra customers to earn 10 points per dollar that they spend on their Telstra bill.

Telstra Plus will be available for all its consumer customers, including those on postpaid mobile, prepaid and internet.

You don’t automatically become a Telstra Plus member if you’re a Telstra customer either, you’ll need to register to become one for free, similarly to how you’re not an automatic Qantas Frequent Flyer when you book a flight with them.

Telstra says that customers can start redeeming their points from July, but is yet to give a full range of options for what it can be redeemed for. However, it did give a short list of products as examples of what you can get and for how much:

Google Home Mini: 14,000 Points
Netgear Nighthawk M2: 15,000 Points + $215
Telstra TV 3: 40,000 Points + $115
Samsung Galaxy Buds: 44,000 Points + $72
Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (4G): 60,000 Points + $240

While it has given those examples, it’s yet to release how many points you’ll need to get a discount on a mobile phone, but Telstra says this will be available soon. Likewise, at launch you won’t be able to use it for a discount on your plan, just hardware purchases. However, Telstra claims this is something it’s looking at for later down the line.

Just like your Qantas Frequent Flyer, Telstra Plus also has membership tiers based on how much you spend a month and these include different perks and offers.

Your basic membership will get access to all the same stuff that the old Telstra Thanks program used to offer, such as discounted movies and sports tickets.

The next tier is the Silver membership, which is for customers who spend an average of $125 a month or more. These customers will receive a once-off Telstra Platinum tech support call each year, $75 worth of credit for movies on Telstra TV Box Office and a free month of Kayo Sport.

The top tier Gold membership is for those who spend on average at least $250 per month, and will receive ongoing access to Telstra Platinum support, $110 credit for movies on the Telstra TV Box office and three months of Kayo Sport.

You can sign up to Telstra Plus from today, and those who do so before June 29 will receive up to 10,000 bonus points on sign up depending on how long you’ve been a Telstra customer for. All points will also expire after three years.

If you’re interested, Telstra has some pretty decent deals for Apple’s best value phone, the iPhone XR at the moment.

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