Here's What To Do If You're A Passenger Who Catches The Ferry From Wharf 5 In Circular Quay

Ferry ‘Friendship’ at Wharf 5, Circular Quay.

This afternoon police shut down access to Circular Quay after a suspicious package was found on a ferry.

While police have not confirmed which service the suspicious object was found on, Wharf 5 was closed for a number of hours this afternoon.

A ferry worker told Business Insider that it was on the ferry named “Friendship.”

“They’re not always set on the same service, but as far as I know that is one of the Darling Harbour Cockatoo Island services,” Megan Mannix of Harbour City Ferries said.

All wharves in the area have now re-opened but Transport NSW has said those who catch a ferry from Wharf 5 should expect delays this afternoon.

It has also told passengers to allow for extra travel time and to listen for announcements.

Routes that may be affected include:

    F1 Manly Circular Quay to Manly
    F1 Manly Manly to Circular Quay
    F2 Taronga Zoo Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo
    F2 Taronga Zoo Taronga Zoo to Circular Quay
    F3 Parramatta River Circular Quay to Parramatta River
    F3 Parramatta River Parramatta River to Circular Quay
    F4 Darling Harbour Circular Quay to Darling Harbour Loop
    F5 Neutral Bay Circular Quay to Neutral Bay Loop
    F6 Mosman Bay Circular Quay to Mosman Bay
    F6 Mosman Bay Mosman Bay to Circular Quay
    F7 Eastern Suburbs Circular Quay to Eastern Suburbs
    F7 Eastern Suburbs Eastern Suburbs to Circular Quay

There are a number of independent store owners with businesses, and a staff lunch room for as many as 30 ferry staff, located on the wharf.

The business owners have since returned to their businesses and have been briefed on the situation, after being evacuated by police at 1.30pm today.

Business Insider spoke to Mannix about the evacuation.

She said since the Sydney siege it has been a concern for some who work in the area but “you can’t walk around in cotton wool.”

“People in general have the fear… it’s crossed my mind. But look, if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen,” she said.

“We have evacuation procedures. We have a checklist. If we find a suspicious package or a bag, box or if someone has just left an item on the boat, we have a process which we follow.

“That was obviously followed on Friendship… and I think the process we have in place worked really well today.”

Mannix said people were instructed what to do over the loud speakers in the terminal, but to her surprise many stood around to get a look.

“I find it insane. I don’t get why people do it,” she said.

“The people that were on the wharf when it happened sprinted, the fear on their faces… And people with kids!

“I would be as far away from it if I was a customer.”

To keep up to date with future ferry information visit the transport status page at Transport NSW.

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