What 20 successful Australian CEOs watch on Netflix

Netflix is going gangbusters in Australia.

Already it’s penetration is already five times higher than its next competitors Stan and Presto (you can read more about that here).

To get an idea of what Australian professionals are watching on the giant streaming service, we asked CEOs what they were tuning into.

While Orange is the New Black, Dexter and The Office all got a start, there was one show that Australian CEOs love most — House of Cards.

Here’s the list.

Murray Decker, founder and CEO of TourAmigo, was glued to Dexter.

I was glued to Dexter, although twisted and morbid he is essentially the vigilante that you wanted to succeed and not be caught. They unfortunately murdered the ending and left me feeling like I had been stabbed.

Taryn Williams, founder and CEO of WINK Models, says her fix was House of Cards.

Working on a US political campaign is on my bucket list, and having watched The West Wing to death, this is the next best way to get my fix! It's a fantastically written show with strong characters and provoking story lines. I also get told all the time I look like Robin Wright Penn, although I assure you I am no where near as cold hearted as she is in this show!

Nathan Ruff, co-founder of Market Engine, is addicted to Bloodline.

The show I’m currently addicted to is Bloodline. It hooked me in from the first episode, and it was great to see Aussie Ben Mendelsohn steal the show. It has all the staples of a gritty thriller that you can binge-watch over a weekend: lots of twists and turns, sex, violence, and a brilliantly-written story that drags you down the rabbit hole the more you watch it. I’d be happy to pay for subscription of Netflix just to watch this show.

Lachlan McKnight, CEO of LegalVision, enjoys Silicon Valley.

I enjoy watching HBO's Silicon Valley. While it’s a fictitious comedy show, every episode seems to focus on something that we’ve experienced at LegalVision, whether it be raising a round of capital, managing the interview process for new employees, designing a logo or dealing with competitors pinching ideas. Starting a business isn’t smooth sailing, and this is perfectly portrayed in an amusing way in Silicon Valley.

Ned Moorfield, goCatch CEO, also says House of Cards is his favourite.

Hands down ‘House of Cards’. I love a good bit of political drama and the hard reality of how politics is done in Washington.

Cholena Orr, director of pac executive Human Capital, loves watching Grace and Frankie.

I love Grace and Frankie. It’s about two women in their 70’s who find out their husbands are gay and have been having an affair for the last 20 years. I love it for so many reasons. The fact that women in their 70’s are the leads is a step forward for women in entertainment. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s characters are relatable and hilarious. I am also a big fan of Martin Sheen and love seeing him as an emotional and vulnerable man finding his way with his new identity as a homosexual man who has just come out of the closet in his 70’s.

Modi Song, co-founder at Joe Button, binge watches Orange is the New Black.

I'm a big fan of these Netflix original series and every time they release a new season of OITNB, I binge watch everything in 2 days. Whilst I can't say that I've done anything remotely as dangerous as international drug smuggling, Piper Chapman is a relatable character. You kind of feel like you could have accidentally done something stupid and ended up in her situation. In any case, OITNB is not like any other show on TV and gives great insight into life inside a correctional facility. What I think the show does best is that it makes us, the audience, sympathetic towards the inmates as every character has a backstory and a life outside of prison and you realise there may not be as much of a difference between yourself and a 'criminal'.

Stuart Taylor, CEO of The Resilience Institute Australia, is another House of Cards fan.

(It's) interesting to find the leaders in that environment, that do actually operate with compassion and purpose (5%) as opposed to bullying and narcissism (95%). I question, is this a reflection of reality?

Dwayne Martens, CEO of Amazonia, recommends watching Food Inc.

I’d recommend watching Food Inc. as it gives an insight into the production processes behind the food we eat and how this has changed over the last 50 years. We need to really think about what we’re putting in our bodies.

Daniel Flynn, co-founder and CEO of Thankyou, is hooked to The 100.

My wife Justine and I love action and adventure shows, and at the moment we're completely hooked on The 100. We recently became parents though, so in the last few weeks we've swapped watching Netflix for watching our son Jed - which is also addictive!

Jo Burston, CEO and founder of Rare Birds, doesn't use Netflix but she loves watching docos on Apple TV.

I'm more partial to streaming shows on Apple TV and sometimes even Youtube. I love documentaries, think it is linked to my constant need to learn and deepen my knowledge about as many subjects as possible. For me documentaries are a great source of gathering information and statistical data. The top two documentaries I have watched would have to be Blackfish and The True Cost.

Mark Tanner, co-founder of Qwilr, has been getting into Vikings.

I've been getting into Vikings on Netflix of late. I tend to not be too particularly strict when it comes to things like TV, books, audiobooks and podcasts. I don't mind whether it is informative and directly useful for Qwilr or whether it is completely irrelevant and a form of escapism. Vikings certainly falls in the second camp. It is a great semi-historically accurate drama with some fantastic twists and turns that have nothing to do with my day.

John Box, executive director for the Asia-Pacific at Meltwater, says never tires of The Office.

I absolutely watch Netflix! It's a great way to 'switch-off' after a long day at work and I have a few go-to shows such as Suits and Extras. But the one that I never tire of, and one that I must have seen around 20 times over, is the UK version of The Office. As a fellow Brit, I'm a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and the show's dry, awkward style of humour just really appeals to me. I can't help but laugh at the facial expressions throughout. It was a unique way of portraying humour as entertainment when it first launched, and for me at least, The Office has survived the test of time. I still watch it when I'm in need of comic relief!

Jeremy Crooks, managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Criteo, says his favourite show is Luther.

If I’m watching Netflix, my current favourite is Luther a UK detective series which is almost Sherlock Holmes esk in its gritty, graphic murder scenes but has the complexity of character and 'shoot from the hip' action to make it compelling. I love the dirty underworld of London's criminal scene - it's raw, brutal and complicated with some stunning lead acting.

Greg Taylor, co-founder of Clipp, loves House of Cards.

When I have the time, I like to browse Netflix to see what new shows are out there, but if I have to pick one it would have to be House of Cards. I was hooked from the very first episode! The transformation of Francis Underwood throughout the show is captivating. His divide and conquer game is the best I've seen! Petrov is a fantastic 'fictional' character as well.

Andrew Lin, co-founder of CliniCloud, sometimes watches Sword Art Online on Netflix.

I do on on occasion use Netflix (I subscribed while living in the US). My favourite shows on there at the moment are House of Cards, and Sword Art Online (an anime). House of Cards has an amazing cast of characters who are able to make political intrigue come alive, while Sword Art Online is an emotional and and somewhat twisted exploration of what life would be like in a virtual world. The other services I use are Crunchyroll (for anime) and Amazon Prime video.

Alec Lynch, founder and CEO of DesignCrowd.com.au, doesn't have Netflix but likes True Detective on Foxtel.

Jason Wyatt, co-founder of Marketplacer, is another exec who loves House of Cards.

When I get time to veg out I can't go passed watching one (or five) episodes of House of Cards. Kevin Spacey is one of my favourite actors and it's the perfect combination of drama and mystery. It's Politics- Hollywood style! If you haven't watched it yet make sure you do. The level of corruption and cover up blow your mind!

Dean Ramler, CEO and co-founder of Milan Direct, watches TED Talks.

I am a huge fan of Netflix and it is good to see Foxtel have a bit of competition finally. My favourite programs on Netflix are the TED talks. Why? I don’t have time to sit around watching TV and get easily restless. So a short, sharp, educational hit from TED is quite refreshing.

I also enjoy the re runs of The Office (both USA and UK versions) as that show provides great comedic relief after a long day in the Milan Direct office!

Dustin Leonard, CEO of HERO, is really into Suits.

I'm really into 'Suits' at the moment, and not just for the sharp wardrobes or humorous repartee between key characters. The thing that keeps me hooked on the show is how good the lawyers are at coming up with creative, left-of-field solutions, which aren't so much based on arcane legal principles as they are on an advanced understanding of the human psyche. It makes for great TV viewing!

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