Photos From The Web 2.0 Summit

Not in San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Summit? Snoozed through the first day’s proceedings?

We were sitting up front with a zoom lens, so we have you covered. Click through for highlights from the first day, including:

  • Twitter CEO Evan Williams
  • A never-before-seen healthcare gadget from GE
  • What it looks like when a cable company CEO gets billing support questions at a tech conference
  • The Westin’s surf and turf dinner
  • Former HP boss Carly Fiorina soft-launching her political career

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Why aren't you guys laughing at my jokes?

Tim O'Reilly says something deep and insightful

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts kicks off the day's talks

Yes, your cable bill is going to keep going up!

Roberts fields a tech/billing support question from the crowd

Mary Meeker zips through a 60-slide PowerPoint faster than anyone we've seen

Juniper Networks CEO Kevin Johnson makes the case for broadband (and buying Juniper gear)

Attendees spill into the lobby for mid-afternoon cupcakes and coffee

Here's the cupcakes. I had a carrot one. Pretty good.

MySpace Music booth has a boom box

Finance dude Paul Kedrosky talks to adoring fans

PayPal boss announces new developer platform for 10th time

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus reminds us that his social games have more users than imaginable

50 million daily active users for Zynga!

John Battelle welcomes Twitter CEO Evan Williams

GE's Jeff Immelt shows off a never-before-seen portable ultrasound device

Loïc Le Meur (second from left) hits up Ron Conway (third) for advice, petty cash

Surf and turf dinner (with greens and some sort of truffle-flavored dumpling)

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina soft-launches her political career

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