One of the companies building a Hyperloop test track just revealed what the real thing could look like

HyperloopSuprastudioA visualisation of what it could look like inside the capsule.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop has been getting a lot of attention these days, especially since more companies have been jumping on board to try and turn the futuristic tube travel into a reality.

Now, one of those companies called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has given a sneak peak into how it sees the technology coming to life.

The images were published by Suprastudio, which is a studio at UCLA’s architecture school. The group worked with Dirk Ahlborn, the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, to help get a sense of how this technology would be built and what it look like.

It’s worth noting that the California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has no affiliation with Musk’s SpaceX.

After Musk revealed his Hyperloop plans in 2013, several entrepreneurs became interested in getting the project off the ground.

Ahlborn’s company has been in the press lately because it recently secured a plot of land in Quay Valley, California to build a five-mile test track. The company plans to break ground for the track as soon as next year.

Another Hyperloop startup called Hyperloop Technology, which is based in L.A., is also working to create a test track. And Musk is building his own test track in Texas.

The ultimate goal is to build a test track to prove that sending people in pods travelling in tubes faster than the speed of sound is a feasible concept.

Take a look at some of the Suprastudio renderings below.

Hyperloop rendering from Hyperloop Transportation TechnologiesSuprastudioA rendering of what the tube might look like from Las Angeles to Las Vegas.
Hyperloop renderingSuprastudioA virtual visualisation could be displayed inside the pods.
HyperloopSupraStudioA structural diagram of what the Hyperloop tube might look like.
HyperloopSuprastudioStructural components may look something like this.
Travel times chartwww.aud.ucla.eduA comparison of the travel times with different modes of transportation.

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