Here's What The G20 Will Cost Us, Including $150,000 To Move This Table From Melbourne To Brisbane

The table costs twice as much to move as it’s worth. Picture: Getty Images

As preparations for next month’s G20 meeting in Brisbane ramp up, so too does the finger-pointing and name-calling between the Government and the Opposition over the cash being splashed on the two-day event.

But how much are they actually talking about?

Here are some of the dollar figures, revealed in Commonwealth contract documents obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The G20 round table - $186,000

Firstly is the table. Yes, it is recycled, first built in 2006 for the G20 Finance Ministers' meeting in Melbourne for $70,000, but to get it to Brisbane will cost $150,000. And because it is not big enough the government is paying $36,000 to extend it. Why not just buy a new table?

Chairs for the table - $68,000

You'd think if you're using the old table, you'd use the old, matching chairs, right? No. A separate contract, believed to be with furniture maker Designcraft, will see new and improved chairs for delegates.

Supply delegates with digital tablet devices - $150,000

Because they won't have their own?

'Advice' on leasing armoured vehicles - $120,000

The Federal Government enlisted the help of the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard to protect the visiting global dignitaries. Built to withstand bombs and gunfire, the specialised Merc is widely considered the world's safest car.

Money set aside for taxis - $127,000

For those not riding in the armoured vehicles.

Hotel accommodation in Brisbane - $10 million–plus

Brisbane hotels were booked out a year in advance by organisers. Lucrative deals locked everything up from entire five-star high-rises to a $130-a-night motel on Kingsford Smith Drive.

Security guards - $34 million

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett has said 'They are capable in dealing with a whole range of scenarios... it's very important we provide the VIP dignitary protection at a scale that is required for the world's most powerful people.'

Tour hosts for the event - $1.3 million

Sydney company Tour Hosts is reportedly responsible for hosting duties.

G20 signage - $1 million

Canberra company, Swell Design, will create the signage for the G20 meetings during Australia's presidency.

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