Here's What Qantas Says About Trying New Social Media Campaigns After The #Qantasluxury Debacle

Qantas has launched a new social media campaign in collaboration with freelance typographer Gemma O’Brien (Photo: Business Insider)

Qantas has launched a new social media campaign that encourages passengers to doodle on their boarding passes, napkins, sick bags and other paper surfaces, and then share the images using the hashtag #qantasblankcanvas.

A few years back the airline launched the now infamous #qantasluxury campaign which saw that hashtag co-opted by users who lambasted the airline, and has since become known as a case study in social media marketing failure.

“From boarding passes to inflight bags, napkins to luggage tags, we have a number of perfect blank canvases for passengers to create their own inflight art,” said Qantas Head of Digital & Entertainment Jo Boundy of the new campaign.

The new campaign, which is one of several successfully launched since the 2011 incident, is run in collaboration with Australian freelance typographer Gemma O’Brien, and hopes to encourage creativity from the airline’s passengers.

Considering the infamy surrounding #Qantas luxury though, we asked the airline what considerations it made in the lead up to the launch of the blank canvass campaign:

“You have to be willing to try new things when it comes to social media, because it would be pretty boring if you didn’t,” Boundy told Business Insider.

“If your intent is good the community generally respects that and joins in. That’s been our experience with 99 per cent of the things we do.”

The most creative entries submitted using #qantasblankcanvas will be selected and shared via Qantas’ Instagram channel every Friday in May and winners will receive a double Qantas Club pass.

Qantas has launched a new social media campaign (Photo: Supplied)

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