Here's What People Eat On Christmas In 25 Countries Around The Globe

Christmas is a deeply special time for people all over the word. During the holiday season, they celebrate in many ways.

No custom is more important to folks across the globe than the time-honored Christmas Eve or Christmas Day meal. Yet, these meals vary greatly in different parts of the world.

Inspired by this BookTable post by Rob Rebelo, we took a look at some typical Christmas meals from countries around the world.

Many Bulgarians fast before Christmas, so on Christmas they nosh on stuffed vegetables, soups, and cakes.

It's summer in Australia, too, so residents have a Christmas barbecue, cooking turkey and lamb. They also eat grilled prawns, like the ones below, in a longstanding tradition called 'shrimp on the barbie.'

A worker at Sydney's Fish Markets scoops prawns, also known as shrimp, during the Christmas eve dash by Australians for the ocean delicacy December 24, 2004. For generations, 'shrimp on the barbie' has been to Australians what turkey with all the trimmings is to millions in colder climates.

In Argentina, locals dine on Vitel Toné, veal in tuna sauce, as well as turkey, pork, and bread. Often times, these meals will be had in a backyard BBQ style.

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