Here’s what most Australians spend on Valentine’s Day

Photo: iStock.

In case you have done the unthinkable this morning and forgotten to wish your loved one a happy Valentine’s Day, you’ll be glad to know there is still time it make it up to them.

And, if you’re a woman, you might want to cough up a little extra this year. It appears men are the biggest spenders on the international day of love.

Pocketbook, a Sydney-based personal finance management app maker, looked at the spending habits of 135,449 Australians over the past four years from 2013 to 2016, specifically focusing on Valentine’s Day and the two-week period leading up February 14.

Merchants analysed in the study included jewellery stores, ticketing retailers, florist, restaurant, movies and more.

It found that men, on average, spend $123.10 compared to $90.54 for women during the Valentine’s Day period from February 1 to 14.

Even across the different merchant types, men tend to spend more (per person) than women.

The only major exception to this was movies, where women spend almost double.


So when you plan your last-minute gift for you loved one during your lunch break to give to them tonight, just remember that most people spend between $60 to $100 on Valentine’s Day.