Here's What Mitt Romney's New Campaign Logo Could Look Like

Photo: Business Insider

Mitt Romney has supposedly chosen a running mate, but has not yet revealed who he or she is.Could we be looking at a Romney-Rice GOP ticket? Or maybe we’ll see a not-so-alliterative Romney-Pawlenty pairing on the ballot come Election Day.

Well, we got tired of waiting for Romney to reveal his Vice Presidential candidate.

So, we took it upon ourselves to mock-up prospective campaign logos for Romney and whoever his running mate may be.

If Romney chooses Pawlenty as his running mate, here's what their campaign logo could look like

Here's what we think it should look like

Romney-Rice has a nice ring (and look) to it

Romney-Portman looks pretty vanilla

Romney-Rubio has slightly more flair

Or, they could just share the 'R'

Romney-Christie, anyone?

Maybe they'd prefer to be called by their first names

And for more on Mitt Romney's VP choice...

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