Wade Michael Page Became A Radical Racist In The US Army

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Photo: Myspace via Denver Westword Blogs

An acquaintance of Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page says he became a radical racist in the US army.University of Nebraska graduate student Pete Simi met Page while researching white supremacist groups in California. He discussed the kiler in with The Los Angeles Times:

Page told Simi that his stint in the U.S. Army, which lasted from 1992 to 1998, contributed to his beliefs, both because he met at least two fellow troops who were white supremacists and because the Army struck him as anti-white. Page was discharged for a pattern of misconduct.

As Page saw it, “whites were punished while blacks got coddled,” Simi said. “The deck was stacked against whites in the military, and he realised all of society was structured that way.”

We don’t know how racist Page was before entering the Army. His stepmom has called him a “precious little boy.” However, Laura Lynn said she hadn’t spoken to Page in 12 years and wasn’t sure what made him adopt his beliefs.

Page wore his beliefs proudly. On his bicep he has the number 14 tattooed in the midle of a Celtic cross, the symbol of the neo-Nazi White Power movement.

His bands End Apathy was big on the White Power music scene. In an April 2010 interview, Page told website Label56 he wanted to use his band to “figure out how to end peoples’ apathetic ways.”

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