Here's What Larry Page Needs To Do To Fix Google

Larry Page

I worked at Google from 2005-2010, and saw the company go through many changes, and a huge increase in staff.  Most importantly, I saw the company go from a place where engineers were seen as violent disruptors and innovators, to a place where doing things “The Google Way” was king, and where thinking outside the box was discouraged and even chastised.  

So, here’s a quick list of things I think Larry could do to bring the startup feel back to Google:

Let engineers do what they do best, and forget the rest.
This is probably the most important single point.  Engineers at Google spend way too much time fussing about with everything other than engineering and product design.  Focusing on shipping great, innovative products needs to be put before all else.  Here’s a quick rundown of engineering frustrations at Google when I left:

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