A Man Turned This Old Boeing 727 Into His Dream Home

Plane Home

Photo: CNN

Talk about a mobile home. Bruce Campbell of Oregon purchased an old Boeing 727-200 plane more than 10 years ago for $100,000 — and has since spent $100,000 more converting it into a house.Campbell, a building services and environmental engineer, has been documenting the progress on his website, AirplaneHome.com.

So far, he’s gotten one of the bathrooms up and running, has built a shower in the middle of the cabin and has gotten the electricity to work. He’s also removed some seats and added his own furniture to make the space more homey.

But why live in an aeroplane? Campbell explains on his website that he loves the design of aeroplanes and thinks they are far superior to wood houses. Wood is “termite and microbe chow” and is “secured with low tech fasteners using low tech techniques,” he says. aeroplanes, on the other hand, are “well designed, high tech, aerospace quality sealed pressure canisters that can withstand 575 mph winds … could last for centuries (with effective corrosion control), are highly fire resistant, and provide superior security.”

Campbell is making use of the whole plane, describing the wings as”wonderful decks” and calling the cockpit his “favourite playroom” that has “a certain magic.”

But Campbell isn’t the only person converting aeroplanes into houses. In Malibu, a house made out of a deconstructed 747 jet was completed in mid-2011. The Wing House, designed by David Hertz, was constructed using the wings, fuselage, first class deck and cockpit windows. See Curbed LA for more pictures.

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