Here's what it's like to be a big cat keeper — from getting hands-on with cheetahs to feeding huge white tigers

  • The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, England is home to 43 cats across 14 different species.
  • We followed Freddie Allison, the sanctuary’s deputy head keeper for the day.
  • We were shown how each cat is fed, maintained, and interacted with.

INSIDER joined big cat keeper Freddie Allison, who tends to some of the world’s most beautiful and dangerous animals.

The Big Cat Sanctuary is home to 43 cats across 14 different species, which include African Lions, white tigers, and snow leopards.

We saw what it takes to work with these animals, understand their behaviour, and to work in a role that requires long hours in hard and emotional conditions.

Do you think you could be a big cat keeper? Watch the video and see what it’s like..

Produced by David Ibekwe. Special Thanks to The Big Cat Sanctuary.

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