TOUR: At LinkedIn's Australian HQ, Meeting Rooms Are Wine Regions

Last week was LinkedIn’s bring your parents to work day. We went along to check out the event, and took a tour of the offices while we were there.

In Sydney the lay-out is based on the HQ in the United States, with a common area area for all-ins and themed meeting rooms.

One of the most interesting aspects is the meeting rooms being named after Australian snacks, wine-producing regions and grapes.

Meeting room names include Margaret (River), and Hunter, Yarra and Clare (Valleys).

Smaller break-out rooms are named after grape varieties including Pinot and Riesling.

There are also conference rooms named after famous Australian confectionery: Tim Tam, Fantales, Bubble O Bill, Vegemite and Polly Waffle.

The view into the meeting room. Photo: Business Insider

Another shot of the meeting room; this one when it’s done up for an all-hands. Photo: Supplied

There is also a little drinks area, in a corner-room.

The wooden bar counter was brought in by a staff member who transferred from Texas.

His partner wouldn’t let him keep it at home.

Photo: Business Insider

And here’s one of the kitchens, with games and heaps of snacks and drinks in the fridge.

Photo: Business Insider

There are inspiring quotes chalked onto the blackboard. The best advice: “Nothing good happens after 3am”.

Photo: Business Insider

These are pirate-themed decorations left over from a staff Halloween contest.

Photo: Business Insider

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