Here's What It Takes To Get An Edge In The Commodity Markets

This weekend, the NYT profiles Anthony Ward, the investors who’s gotten a ton of attention lately for reportedly attempting to corner the market for cocoa.

As the article notes, Ward is the man when it comes to the cocoa industry. What does it take to get an edge at his level?

Mr. Ward, 50, is not some rabid chocoholic, former employees say. He simply has a head for cocoa. And, through his private investment firm, Armajaro, he now controls a cache equal to 7 per cent of annual cocoa production worldwide, a big enough chunk to sway prices.

“Globally, he is unmatched in his knowledge of cocoa,” said Tim Spencer, a former Armajaro executive.

Armajaro maintains offices in West Africa, helping Mr. Ward keep tabs on major cocoa crops. “We even have our own weather stations — our very own that no one else has in some parts of the world,” Mr. Ward, soft-spoken and tan, said in a video interview this year with a financial news service.

Remember that the next time you want to play in the commodities market. You’re going up against folks with their own weather stations.

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