Here's What Happens When Someone Takes Away Your Phone For A Day

cryingHere’s what happens when you can’t text while you pee.

Photo: HBO via YouTube

As part of a sadistic experiment, mobile agency Plastic Media took away a CEO’s, Sales Executive’s, and blogger’s respective iPhone, Blackberry, and Android for a day and videoed the aftermath.”I’m doing an experiment to see how much people freak out when they don’t have their phones,” the anonymous, red-headed Blogger told the camera, “And it’s already effected my life greatly and it’s only … what time is it? I don’t have my phone.”

Although the world didn’t quite implode sans smartphone, the subjects of the experiment were less than pleased:

  • While the sales exec thought that he would miss his phone the most for talking, he really missed it most when he couldn’t play games in the bathroom.
  • Oh yeah, and without GPS or a synced Outlook calendar, he showed up to a meeting two hours late after getting lost in his own hometown.
  • The blogger never found out what time it was since apparently watches aren’t a thing.
  • The CEO had to scrounge up 50 cents to make a call on a pay phone while on the road because those apparently still are a thing.
  • And travesty of all travesties, the CEO “had to write an invoice amount down on paper since I had no way to record it otherwise.”

In conclusion, people like having their smartphones.

Here’s the video Plastic Mobile made about it:

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