Here's what happens when you take a break from a Netflix binge

TV series ‘Girl Meets World’. Photo: Ron Tom/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Ham and cheese. Cheese and wine. Wine and…well, just about anything.

Some things are better when paired together and as it turns out, TV and movies are just one of those such pairings.

According to new research from Netflix, a new trend in watching has emerged with more than 30 million members around the world weaving films into their binge routines.

After a solid TV series binge session, 59% of users take a break usually lasting about three days before committing to a completely new show.

During this three day binge break, 61% of those users watch a movie to keep the satisfying binge feeling alive but also break up the brain drain of watching just one series.

Users tended to enjoy subject continuity, with most choosing films on a similar subject, or related theme to the show they just binged on.

For example, after watching political drama series House of Cards, some members moved to American war drama film Beasts of No Nation, swapping politicking for war but keeping the narrative concurrent with terse, uncompromising and ruthless leaders.

Fans of newly revived, fast-talking mother and daughter comedy series Gilmore Girls which first aired 16 years ago, revisited classics like the 1987 drama/romance chick-flick Dirty Dancing and the movie that put Audrey Hepburn on the Hollywood map — Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

After watching Narcos, viewers fuelled cartel curiosity with similarly-themed movies like 1994 cult classic crime movie Pulp Fiction.

There was one exception to this pattern however. For fans watching something frightening, they often followed stemmed the horror with something happy.

For example, people who watched the popular American Horror Story series, then went on to watch a comedy movie like The Do-Over starring Adam Sandler and David Spade.

Here are some popular series and movie pairings.

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