Here's What Happened At The Cain Accuser's Press Conference

Sharon Bialek

Photo: AP

A fourth woman accused Republican front-runner Herman Cain of inappropriate sexual behaviour in an insane press conference at the Friar’s Club in New York City.Accompanied by her high-profile attorney, Gloria Allred, Sharon Bialek described being sexually assaulted by Cain in a car in 1997.

The press conference got off to a crazy start when it was hijacked by Howard Stern producer Benjy Bronk — and came to a shocking conclusion when Bialek described in detail the nature of Cain’s alleged acts.

We arrived a full 45 minutes before the press conference and this is what the room looked like

Just about every news outlet in the region — and some international media — was there

Shortly after which Benjy Bronk, of the Howard Stern show hijacked the press conference

Bronk was booed by the press, and finally left the room after about 20 minutes

Then the accuser, Sharon Bialek walked in, holding her attorney's hand

The view from our perch (all the seats were already taken)

Allred held up copies of affidavits from two people corroborating Bialek's story

Allred spoke to the press for about 10 minutes, before giving the mic to Bialek

Allred held Bialek as she read from a prepared statement

As they left the room, reporters shouted questions.

Pictured: ABC's Brian Ross

After much of the press left the building, Allred made an encore appearance to read the corroborating statements

Apparently not done yet, Bronk waited outside with other news outlets for Bialek to leave the building

Now look at how the 2012 electoral map is shaping up:

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