Here's What Google TV Looks Like (PHOTOS)

4x3 Goog TV RIVER Pic

Photo: Google

Today, Google officially announced its latest product, Google TV.We’ve already explained why we think it’s going to revolutionise the television industry and entertainment industry as a whole.

But what does it look like? Glad you asked.

Google is all about innovation

This sums it up pretty well, but it's so much more!

Here's the quick search bar

An entire library of programming is now available on your TV set

Watch customised content, like Sesame Street featuring only Elmo with Google TV

Watching a basketball game? You can bring up a web browser to check stats or your fantasy team

These three components are what will ultimately make Google TV successful

Even Conan loves it!

The software that makes Google TV a hit include Android, Chrome, and Adobe Flash

You can browse various popular web services right on your TV in a beautiful UI

Browse by category and visually choose what you want to watch

The user experience and synergy between devices is important.

Here's the timeline of how Google will roll out Google TV

Ultimately, it needs developers to make it a successful product

Here's Google's official introductory video:

This isn't the only thing Google announced today:

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