Here's What Football's Biggest Stars Looked Like When Their Careers Started

Despite the more violent nature of football, many players are playing well into their 30s thanks to improved equipment and medical attention.

In 2012, there were 30 players in the NFL that were at least 35 years old and started at least one game. In 1990, there were just 11 players that matched that criteria.

That means there are a number of NFL stars that are in the twilights of their career or will be there soon.

On the next few pages we will take a look at how much they have changed since they were hot-shots just starting their careers.

Aaron Rodgers in 2004 (age 20) and today

Eli Manning in 2003 (age 22) and today

Champ Bailey in 2003 (age 24) and today

Ben Roethlisberger in 2002 (age 20) and today

Clay Matthews in 2007 (age 20) and today

Troy Polamalu in 2003 (age 21) and today

Charles Woodson in 2002 (age 25) and today

Tom Brady in 2002 (age 24) and today

Drew Brees in 2001 (age 22) and today

Ed Reed in 2002 (age 23) and today

Larry Fitzgerald in 2003 (age 20) and today

Julius Peppers in 2001 (age 21) and today

James Harrison in 2005 (age 27) and today

Peyton Manning in 1997 (age 21) and today

Michael Vick in 2002 (age 22) and today

Adam Vinatieri in 2002 (age 28) and today

Sebastian Janikowski in 2002 (age 23) and today

Steve Smith in 2002 (age 22) and today

Tony Gonzalez in 1997 (age 20) and today

Tony Romo in 2005 (age 24) and today

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