This Is The Hottest Thing On Pinterest Right Now

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Pinterest users really, really love food.

That’s according to a new report by RJMetrics. While it hasn’t quite become the most popular category on Pinterest, it’s growing the fastest and it’s also the most likely to be shared on the site, according to the report.

On Pinterest, users can “pin” links on the site, which will automatically scrape an image and serve as a link on a grid of images on the site. It’s broken into different “pinboards,” — discrete sections on the site.

There’s also some good news for e-commerce providers: the “Products I Love” Pinboard, a specific section of the site dedicated to products on sale, is the third most popular pinboard name, according to the report.

Pins on pinboards about products are also most likely to be liked by other Pinterest users, according to the report.

We’ve included a bunch of charts from the findings below.

Here are the most popular categories on Pinterest, based on the number of pins:

  • Home (17.2%)
  • Arts and Crafts (12.4%)
  • Style/Fashion (11.7%)
  • Food (10.5%)

The Food category, shown in red, is growing much more quickly than some of the other categories:

categories pinterest chart

Photo: RJMetrics

It’s growing much more quickly than fashion in particular:

food fashion pinterest

Photo: RJMetrics

The “Food” category is also the most viral, and most likely to be shared with a “repin”:

pinterest repins rjmetrics

Photo: RJMetrics

To build the report, RJMetrics sampled around a million pins — or links — on the site. They identified the most commonly used words and phrases on pinboards to build a profile of each content category.

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