Here's What Drives Engagement On Instagram Photos

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Social media analytics firm Curalate analysed more than 8,000,000 Instagram images to find out why certain images on the popular photo-sharing network garner attention, and why others do not.

  • Images with a high degree of lightness generate 24% more likes than darker images.
  • Images with a vast amount of background space generate 29% more likes than those without.
  • Images with a single dominant colour generate 17% more likes than images with multiple colours.
  • Images with low saturation levels generate 18% more likes than those with more vibrant colours.
  • Images with high levels of texture generate 79% more likes than those without.(Curalate)

In Other News …

Twitter closed at $US44.94 per share on its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. (Google Finance)

GetGlue, a TV-centric social network, has been acquired by i.TV, a TV guide app company that is going after the second screen movement. (Variety)

Videos now account for 15-30% of Instagram’s data traffic on mobile networks,according to a report from Citrix. (Citrix)

Facebook is opening an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston).(GigaOM)

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