Here's What College Football's Top Coaches Looked Like When Their Careers Started

As revenue from college football programs continues to skyrocket, the top schools have become less patient with head coaches and are more willing to pay top dollar for the guy who will put the program at the top.

As a result, it is becoming much less common to see head coaches remain at the same school their entire career.

On the next few pages we will take a look at some of the top coaches in college football and how much they have changed since they were young coaches still trying to make a name for themselves. Many of these coaches are no longer at the same school that gave them a shot early in their career.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp now

Will Muschamp in 2005 as an assistant coach for the Miami Dolphins

Texas head coach Mack Brown now

Mack Brown in 1984 being introduced as the Tulane head coach

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops now

Bob Stoops in 1998 as the defensive coordinator at Florida.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban now

Nick Saban in 1995 as head coach of Michigan State

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer now

Urban Meyer in 2004 as the head coach at Utah

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier now

Steve Spurrier in 1988 as the head coach at Duke

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke now

Brady Hoke in 2006 as the head coach at Ball State

LSU head coach Les Miles now

Les Miles in 2001 as head coach at Oklahoma State

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema now

Bret Bielema in 2006 as the head coach at Wisconsin

Washington State head coach Mike Leach now

Mike Leach in 2000 as the head coach at Texas Tech

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald now

Pat Fitzgerald in 2003 as an assistant coach at Northwestern

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis now

Charlie Weis in 2005 as an assistant coach for the New England Patriots

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